• brainCloud 4.4 is here!

    Hi folks,

    We are pleased to announce that brainCloud 4.4 is live.

    In this release you'll find:

    • Sign in with Apple support
    • Google OpenID support
    • Custom Entity improvements - including Global / User Editors, Import/Export, etc.
    • Cloud Code ES6 Support
    • Much Faster API Reference !!!

    Plus some key customer requests:

    • Ability to exclude Item Catalog for Deployment Pushes
    • Ability to manually reset non-rotating leaderboards
    • Ability to create SHA256 with RSA signatures
    • And more!

    You'll find the full details in the release notes.

    Be sure to pick up our latest Client Libs to take advantage of the latest APIs, fixes and performance improvements.

    Let us know what you think! Feedback is good! Which feature(s) of 4.4 do you like best? What do you want next?

    We'll be updating the Roadmap in the next week - so now is a great time to sound off on what features you'd like added to brainCloud next!


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  • RE: Getting client app version

    Hmm, interesting question - I don't believe that value is currently made available - though I could definitely see it being useful for scripts. I'll discuss with the devs.

    In the meantime, you can get this info by creating a post-hook for the Authenticate call.

    The script that you hook into the call will receive the appVersion (field "gameVersion" internally) as a STRING in a "data.callingMessage.gameVersion" field.

    I've attached a sample script that stores the gameVersion to the session cache (and writes a log message stating the gameVersion received).

    To try it:

    • Import the script
    • Go to Design | Cloud Code | API Hooks and configure the hook as a POST hook for the Authenticate service, Authenticate Operation
    • Go to the API Explorer and do a test login. Be sure to set the "appVersion" in the JSON (by default it is "").

    Hope that helps!



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  • RE: NodeJS setup question

    Hi Chris,

    Javascript security is a tricky thing - but our Javascript libs should run on the server. Is your dev seeing an issue?

    We've tasked the devs to look into it (sometimes an unwanted dependency creeps in there as we stretch to support all the Javascript scenarios).

    Let us know what you're seeing.



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  • RE: NodeJS setup question

    Hi Chris,

    Can you provide us with more details of your use case regarding your web interface? if you can write some validation handle code on your web interface server, you still can call all of brainCloud Client-API, unless you want the API directly be called from your client app through your web interface server without any validation code for that, if that is the case, you will have to use S2S for that. https://www.npmjs.com/package/brainclouds2s, it's kind of complicated than using https://www.npmjs.com/package/braincloud

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  • RE: Increase GetMultiSocialLeaderboard limit to 100

    Hi Ali,

    First of all - sorry for the slow response. I somehow missed this message.

    The MultiSocialLeaderboard call is normally used to create Candy Crush-style maps - where you would normally show just the top player on each node of a map.

    It's otherwise a pretty expensive call (as we're filtering/joining your friends list with multiple leaderboard lists) - so thus we restrict things to keep things fast and server utilization reasonable.

    Do you have a use case that requires the larger leaderboard sizes - or maybe you were mistaking the intention of this call with another?

    Anyway, hope that perspective helps!



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  • RE: Sending messages to Chat Channels using BrainCloud admin panel

    Hi Madalin,

    Good question - but unfortunately you assessment is correct. We do not currently have a way (other than with the API Explorer) to via and/or send Chat messages via the Portal.

    That said, we do have plans to implement a Chat Moderation portal. We're currently working on the scheduling of the work now - I expect it to start soon.

    You'll find the item in our Roadmap here - https://portal.productboard.com/braincloud/1-braincloud-baas-roadmap/c/61-chat-moderation-portal?utm_medium=social&utm_source=portal_share

    Feel free to add your +1 to it!


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  • RE: lobbyId ?

    Doh - I didn't realize you were using that SDK - which is lagging a bit behind.

    We'll get the devs on that - but we've hit the holidays here in Canada and we'll be looking at an early January release then.


    (Note - that SDK is based on our C++ SDK if you want to go off-road a bit to see how to add the support for yourself. Apologies for the delay!)

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  • RE: lobbyId ?

    Hi Kirlos,

    The lobbyid is returned in the MEMBER_JOIN RTT event that you receive once you've been assigned to the lobby. You can see the details of the event on this page https://getbraincloud.com/apidocs/apiref/#capi-lobby

    Copy-and-paste here:

        "service": "lobby",
        "operation": "MEMBER_JOIN",
        "data": {
            "lobbyId": "22819:unranked:406",
            "currentTime": 1549658965234,
            "lobby": {
                "state": "setup",
                "owner": "f6fa3e0e-6aac-497a-84e1-c8db6f545c12",
                "rating": 0,
                "lobbyTypeDef": {},
                "settings": {},
                "version": 1,
                "timetable": {
                    "createdAt": 1549658965234,
                    "early": 1549658965234,
                    "onTime": 1549659055234,
                    "tooLate": 1549659145234
                "numMembers": 1,
                "members": []
            "member": {
                "profileId": "f6fa3e0e-6aac-497a-84e1-c8db6f545c12",
                "name": "David",
                "pic": "",
                "rating": 0,
                "team": "player1",
                "isReady": true,
                "extra": {},
                "cxId": "22819:f6fa3e0e-6aac-497a-84e1-c8db6f545c12:bvm2ga9aelaigkbdrojp3ifjrp"

    To receive the events, you need to register a handler:

    I hope that helps!


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  • RE: Understanding VerifyPurchases for "Non-Consumables"

    Happy to help! 👍

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