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  • RE: How to view users online ?

    Hi Jose,

    Sounds like you want to look into our Presence feature.

    Presence is designed to let users know when their friends are online. You can think of it like the old Xbox Live friends feature - where you can see which of your friends are online - and optionally what they are doing.

    And Presence uses RTT - so users will be notified in realtime when the presence information of a followed user changes.

    Presence works with Friends, Groups, and arbitrary lists of users.

    More details here -

    Hope that helps!


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  • RE: Using numbers as JSON key.

    Here is the thing, the input parameter data returned from our service proxy is a Java Map object, which does NOT support a number value as key when accessing value using object[key] syntax.

    A simple solution for this case is to convert the Java Map object to a real javascript JSON object like below:

    data = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(data));
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  • RE: Using numbers as JSON key.

    Hmm, I actually am not sure why sampleData[1] works.

    I would have thought the correct syntax would have be sampleData["1"] and data["1"] ?


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  • RE: API for managing CloudCode scripts and API hooks

    Hi Fabio,

    The full roadmap on this is still in progress.

    We do have an API now that allows you to upload cloud code scripts.

    It's part of our Builder API - and you can request it via our support channel.

    The script management API is still a V1 version - in that you manage scripts individually. We have plans to evolve the API so that you can upload zipped packaged to be synced with the scripts - in a similar fashion to what you can do via the web portal.

    Although this is taking longer than planned, we wanted to ensure that we built the new support on a solid foundation. So we've added cloud code includes, folders, new script management screens, improvements to performance and caching, etc.

    The Visual Studio plug-in is still on our radar - we just need to ensure that the proper API foundation is in place.

    Anyway - if you are interested in getting ahold of the builder API, definitely message our support team.



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  • Migrating from GameSparks? This FAQ is for you! posted in Announcements
  • brainCloud 4.8.0 is live!

    Hi folks,

    brainCloud 4.8.0 is now live!

    4.8 adds the following features:

    • Script Search - You can now search for cloud code scripts by name – across all your folders.
    • Facebook Limited Login Friend Support - we can now retrieve the user's list of friends, and copy them to the internal friends lists, during Facebook Limited Login authentication
    • Account Migration Support - we've added APIs to make it easier to dynamically migrate users from other apps (or platforms!)
    • Edit User Email Identities - you can know edit a user's email identity via the Design Portal
    • And more!

    See the full release notes for more details.

    Also - head here for the list of prior releases.

    Feedback welcome - and happy coding!


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  • RE: Tournament Questions

    (Post the answer from brainCloud chat channel)

    Actually, there is a workaround that you can perform the tournament rewards adjustments,

    • Turn off the auto claim
    • Add a post-hook to Authenticate instead <- where auto-claim would normally run
    • And in the post-hook look to see if they have tournament rewards, and if they do, claim them there - performing any award adjustments that need to be made.
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  • Apple iOS 14.5 and Facebook Limited Login

    Hi folks,

    Heads up that the upcoming privacy changes in iOS 14.5 will affect pretty much anyone that currently offers Facebook Login for their apps.

    To support developers - we are adding support for Facebook Limited Login to brainCloud 4.7 - which will be released this month.

    More details here -

    Hope that helps folks!


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  • RE: Anyone available for Freelance?

    (Note: this issue has been solved through our online chat support.)

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  • RE: Unique field for a Custom Entity

    Hi Reza, a simple workaround I would recommend is using our atomic methods, such as IncrementGlobalStats, to form the field values with the returned value of that method and some other characters you selected. (defined a global statistic ahead of time, call IncrementGlobalStats() get the returned current value of the global statistic, e.g. 123, then combine with the name you selected to a unique name, such as name_123)

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