Hi, brainCloud doesn't really force anyone to do anything - we are a toolbox to be used to build your game. And we certainly wouldn't try to force bad code. The recommendation to bundle API calls together into scripts reflect the reality that: Deserializing a request from a client takes significant time+processing. Processing API calls from within a script is definitely less CPU intensive than receiving and processing them one-at-a-time - thus our API Count pricing reflects that There is also a perceivable performance benefit to the end-user. A script that performs a number of API calls from within will outperform those same API calls called directly from the client. So - we see it as win:win:win - better user experience, better experience for the end-user, and less cost to you. We encourage you to organize your scripts as makes sense for your application. To help support this - brainCloud allows you to import script functions into your script to be called (bridge.import()) - or to call other scripts directly (bridge.callScript()). As for why our pricing is elastic - that is so that the costs we incur from your app match the costs to you. This puts us both on the same side when optimizing your app. The lighter your app, the lower the costs on our end, and we pass those savings onto you! Hope that helps! Paul.