Hi Fabio, The full roadmap on this is still in progress. We do have an API now that allows you to upload cloud code scripts. It's part of our Builder API - and you can request it via our support channel. The script management API is still a V1 version - in that you manage scripts individually. We have plans to evolve the API so that you can upload zipped packaged to be synced with the scripts - in a similar fashion to what you can do via the web portal. Although this is taking longer than planned, we wanted to ensure that we built the new support on a solid foundation. So we've added cloud code includes, folders, new script management screens, improvements to performance and caching, etc. The Visual Studio plug-in is still on our radar - we just need to ensure that the proper API foundation is in place. Anyway - if you are interested in getting ahold of the builder API, definitely message our support team. Cheers! Paul.