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    Hey @Alessio-Falsetti . In order to enable that feature, you need to update the "Custom Environment" settings for the appropriate "My Servers" definition:


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    Hi Carlos - in what way do you think you cannot have multiple tabs in Portal-X. If you right-click on a screen name in the menu, and choose "Open link in a new tab" -- that doesn't work for you?

    (Note - 5.1 Portal-X does seem to be somehow missing the theme setting in this scenario - so that you might get the wrong light/dark theme when the page comes up - but it otherwise should work?)

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    We should point out that this doesn't mean that there aren't Unreal multiplayer examples in brainCloud - they just don't use the online subsystem paradigm per se.

    Here's our latest Unreal dedicated server example: https://github.com/getbraincloud/braincloud-roomserver-unreal

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    There is a global list of reason codes here - https://docs.braincloudservers.com/api/appendix/reasonCodes

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    Hi everyone,

    The first 13 lessons in the Godot BootCamp are now live. This course is currently in active development so stay tuned in the new year for more BootCamp lessons!

    [https://bootcamp.braincloudservers.com/?mto-course=godot-bootcamp](link url)

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