Timeout for email validation?

  • I ran into an interesting issue with email account validation yesterday.

    I had SendGrid set up against my Braincloud account, for email validation and password reset needs. This used to work.

    Tried it again yesterday, and no email!

    I tracked it down to SendGrid having canceled my account, due to inactivity (we made all this work at the start of the project, created test accounts, and then never really needed to revisit this system in terms of usage. SendGrid saw that and helpfully closed our account for us, because we hadn't used it in a while!)

    Anyway, I sorted this out, created a new account, reset Braincloud for the new API key, and was able to create new account with email validation for new email addresses.

    However, the existing login request, with the ForceCreate set to true, is still in the system. If I try creating a new account with this same email address, I get no email -the back end error logs are telling me that it's waiting on email verification, which will never happen because there was no email sent out for me to reply to, to validate.

    Does the ForceCreate flag, when used on Login, that forces the system to create an account have a timeout? Like a couple of days? It would be great if that were the case. The default verification email I got for other accounts does NOT mention a time out period (most systems like this tell you in the email that the link is only valid for X days or hours, indicating that the back end has a timeout if the email is not validated in that time period.)

    Is there some mechanism in place here? And if so, how long is it? And if not, could there be?

    The problem is that there is no way to actually alleviate the blockage once it hits. There's nothing in the CSR tools that allows me to unblock an account create on a profile that doesn't actually exist yet, but that is in the system in terms of waiting for validation to create. My simply trying to create the account again doesn't do anything since the system is already waiting for a response to an email that was never sent. Without a time out (or perhaps resending the Validation Required email everytime a login with ForceCreate = true is encountered), this basically places an account in limbo.

    I am informed that operators on your end can resolve this, but in the case of a successful game that has email interruptions (SendGrid issues you can't control or be aware of), this basically means one person fixing possibly thousands and thousands of account requests that get stuck in limbo? Not a very tenable solution.

    So yeah, my request would be either
    a) A time out, where the request is canceled on the back end within X days/Hours (and that is reported in the default email, so if you come across an email from a while ago, you know the link is already dead)
    b) Resend the email everytime you see a new request for login with ForceCreate = true, regardless of whether there is a validation request already in the system.

    Preferably both, just to be sure the problem is resolvable.