GetMyGroups doesn't return anything in requested

  • We are setting up private groups and have stuff in place for a user to send a request to a group to join that group. However, on the group owner side, we noticed an issue when we use the "GetMyGroups" call.

    It does show we have request pending, but the requested part is empty.


    As in the screenshot, I have 5 users request pending, but nothing in the requested section which I assumed was suppose to have some user information.

    I did look in the brainCloud dashboard under groups and I can see the names of the users making a request to join.

    I did discover I can get the pendingMembers through the ReadGroup call, just seemed odd there was a section in GetMyGroups that was empty.


  • Hey,

    The GetMyGroups will return the group requests and invites made to the current profile.

    As you noticed, to get the requests and invites made to a group (from other profiles), you need to use ReadGroup.

    This flow is working as intended. Groups and profiles are separate objects, and both can make invites and receive requests.

    So using GetMyGroups: here would be an example of a user that has made a group request, and has received a group invite.

                "name":"Dark Roast",
                "name":"Local Coffee Shops",

    Hope that helps!

  • Thanks @Jonathan
    It was a bit confusing since I was thinking in terms of the owner having quick access to all their groups data, but I understand the difference in GetMyGroups now. It's a call on the profile and not on the group.

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