SOLVED GetMyGroups never returns

  • Hi,

    Trying prove out a workflow for my game, having authenticated in the Unity editor anomymously, using the BrainCloudWrapper, I try to get a list of groups that this user is a member of using the following code.

            _bc.GroupService.GetMyGroups((response, cbObject) => {
                Debug.LogFormat("GetMyGroups returned: {0}", cbObject);
            }, failureCallback);

    but it never returns anything, neither the success nor the failure callback is called, no errors I can see on the server logs in the portal, nothing, it's like the request has just disappeared into the ether. I tried "ReadGroup" on a known group ID too, same thing. I have created a group and added the anonymous user to that group by profileId.

    Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?


  • This error has been since resolved.

    A help article has been made on the groupType page:

    If experience similar problems to this forum topic with our Unity library, ensure brainCloud has been added to a gameObject, and that gameObject is not disabled.

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