Few Questions Before Committing to This BaaS!

  • Hello, I have a few questions before committing.

    Authentication: How does the authentication work? Is it purely REST? Does the SDK automatically persist log in? Is there a way to link anonymous id with email and pass?

    Events/ Observers:

    • Does the SDK provide listeners in the case of data changes? For example, if player A opens a trade and then player B accepts the trade 3 hours later, will player A be notified/ inventory automatically updated when the listener fires?

    • Is there a trading feature? If not, if I implement it myself through cloud code, is there a feature that allows me to perform transactions? For example, if two requests come through at the SAME time accepting a player's trade, I don't want both requests to be filled. There needs to be a check.

    noSQL Database:

    • Is it a good idea to use your cloud storage as the main source of storage for player info/ chat messages etc..? I won't use it to store stuff like files etc..

    • The RTT seems to be too expensive to use for this type of service, so I guess it will have to have up to the Push Notification service to ping the user's phone. Where do I access the method/ delegate that handles incoming notification in unity? Does brain cloud wrapper have a build in one for me to put logic such as refresh inventory when a push is received?

  • Update:

    • Authentication seems to be going well. I can automatically sign user in using ANON, and attach an email and pass.
    • I can also log a user in using existing email and pass and getAnonID and store it and proceed to use that AnonID to use AnonID on startup for silent authentication.
    • However, if user selects anon account but then the user decides to log into an existing email and pass account, how would I go about deleting the new ANON account the user decides to "throw" away?

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