Gamesparks Migration - Authentication Questions

  • I'm in the process of porting a game over from Gamesparks, and have a couple of questions related to Authentication.

    The first one is that the Gamesparks Unity client handles player authentication and connection during initialisation (first with an anonymous account and later with credentials). As part of this, Gamesparks is able to log in a player with credentials without the player having to re-enter them. I think they're using an auth token but I can't see any similar option in brainCloud. Is the best approach to store the users credentials on the client and call AuthenticateEmailPassword after initialisation to achieve a similar login flow? If so, do you have any security recommendations?

    My second question is about keeping Email and Universal authentication passwords in sync. Currently, I have a cloud script for account creation that provides username, password and email as parameters. This then calls AttachEmailIdentity and AttachUniversalIdentity so the user can log in with either option using the same password. However, I'm struggling to find a way to keep the passwords in sync after the user performs a password reset. I've tried using an API hook on ResetPassword but it does not expose the password parameter. Is there any way of achieving this goal?