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    Thank you! I will try that out.

    Just for anyone else's future reference, I realized you can "log in" as another user using GetSessionForProfile(). So if the other user is offline, you will be able to modify their data (for example, to increment an attribute for number of matches they have).

    I believe this way, you can also do what JasonL said and TurnShieldOn() for the other user, stopping them from being able to match anymore.

    Correct me if I'm wrong.

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    @Paul-Winterhalder said in Matchmaking: Search Multiple Lobby Types:


    Thanks Paul, I don't think I could do the different lobby info option as I would like the players to choose specifically which game mode and if I understand correctly, I can only do that by having the players search for a lobby of that game mode. It's not too much of an urgent issue, I just wanted to put it out there and see how realistic it was. I talked to Greg a bit and we discussed joining multiple lobby types at once. For now, I plan to search for multiple lobbies at once and cancel matchmaking for any possible 2nd joined lobbies.

  • lobbyId ?

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    Oh okay, I understand.
    Yeah I was already trying to use the C++ SDK, and I will also be waiting for the Obj-C one.

    Thank you!