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    These points above are indeed good examples regarding "forcing bad practices":

    If I have 3 free API calls after the API call, after the 3rd freebie, I can return it and call again for 1 core + 3 more that can branch off again. This is inefficient for BC, yet beneficial for end-users (thus, forcing bad practices since it costs and gives more if we avoid the pre and post hooks).

    If a workaround to save API costs would be more work for the user, and costs more for BC, that's a lose-lose. If such a "hole" exists, shouldn't it be repriced for that consideration to make it the win-win you folks want it to be?

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    @Travis-Brown-John You can create them manually from the Monitoring menu.

    Monitoring | Global Monitoring | Global Entities.

    Note - if your app is live, you need to unlock it first. You'll see a bit [+] button to the right of the Bulk actions drop-down.

    Good luck!


  • Modules/Common code scripts?

    Solved Cloud Code
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    Similar situation here, i had built a micro framework on GameSparks to cover cases that almost every cloud driven game require. This saved huge amount of time working on new games and at the same time sharing code among existing features.
    Please consider this requirement a must have for any serious game development.