Processing Refunds?

  • Hi there.

    I am currently making a mobile application that utilizes Unity's IAP library to manage IAP. I also use you guys for data storage and receipt validation.

    I am currently testing refund scenarios and am not seeing much on Braincloud API in regards to refunds.

    I currently call a cloud code script from my client that performs a VerifyPurchase call to validate the receipt, and then I can ensure receipt has purchaseState:1 (GooglePlay receipt). At this point I can revoke the purchase in the cloud code script.

    I am noticing that with this method, the cancelled receipt does not show up in the user's Transaction log, only the original purchase receipt shows up (purchaseState:0).

    Is there a better way to do this?


  • brainCloud

    Hi Davis,

    brainCloud does not currently support processing of refunds.

    You could potentially create an owned custom entity collection to store the details of refunded collections in - so that you would have an entry against that user.

    Note - you could also use a user entity for such data - but custom entities have the advantage of being globally searchable -- i.e. you can easily search for all refunds in the system.

    Note - global entities are less ideal - they don't scale as well. Not recommended for data associated with users that could conceivably scale over time.


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  • Thanks for the response Paul.

    So using "User Entities" I can record the refund receipt with the User, but it won't show up in the transaction log in the portal.

    Via Custom Entities I could have a globally searchable refund receipt, but I need to pay for a Plus plan to get this functionality, and still I assume it won't show up in transaction view.

    Just confirming that there's no way for this to show up in the user transaction log in the portal right now?


  • brainCloud

    Apologies but no - there isn't currently a way to have refunds appear in the transaction logs for users in the portal.


  • @Paul-Winterhalder It'd be great if we can have this info. +1

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