How do I look-up a player?

  • Hi,

    Is there an API that I can use to look-up a player by name?


  • brainCloud


    brainCloud offers a number of APIs for looking up other players. You'll find them all in the Friend service.

    As far as looking up players by name, it isn't highly recommended - since names in brainCloud are not guaranteed to be unique (and thus lookups are less deterministic and slower).

    It's generally more useful to look up other players by UniversalId - which are guaranteed to be unique.

    Now - maybe your app isn't using Universal Identities - so it seems odd to lookup by the UniversalId. Luckily, brainCloud supports a non-login version of a UniversalId - so you can have the user pick a Display Name which will be associated with their account, but they don't actually log in via it (and there's no password for it stored).

    To use non-login UniversalIds...

    Hope that helps!


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