How to view users online ?

  • I want to implement the add friend functionality, for this I need a user id, but how do we see who is online? Is it possible to have some users pre assigned to a group or organization or something similar, and grab those users as if they were friends ?

    Lets say my app belongs to customer x , and customer x has 2 groups, the jedis and the dungeoneers, how would I make so the users in jedis only see the users there and users on dungeoneers only see users there.

    Not sure if possible, but very curious about this functionality. I hope all of that made sense.

  • brainCloud

    Hi Jose,

    Sounds like you want to look into our Presence feature.

    Presence is designed to let users know when their friends are online. You can think of it like the old Xbox Live friends feature - where you can see which of your friends are online - and optionally what they are doing.

    And Presence uses RTT - so users will be notified in realtime when the presence information of a followed user changes.

    Presence works with Friends, Groups, and arbitrary lists of users.

    More details here -

    Hope that helps!


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