Some questions on the Relay Server service?

    1. I noticed in the code examples, null is always passed to the connect call in place of the success callback. In my own testing, I did not receive the success callback (or the failure callback) after calling connect. Is this a known bug?

    2. I'm ultimately trying to connect a Unity Multiplayer networked game through the relay service, but I'm not sure exactly what things I need to set. The Relay server returns an IP address, port, and connection credentials. I'm setting my host to listen on the Relay server port and attempting to connect to the host from the other CPU with the IP address and port of the Relay server. Is this correct? Are there any other things I need to do? Do I need to custom route all messages through the Relay server API, or once connected, can I just send arbitrary UDP packets?

    3. Finally, if I get all this to work, is there somewhere on the dashboard where I can monitor how many servers are live and how loaded they are? (CPU, RAM, bandwidth, etc..)