HTTP Client API - DELETE calls

  • I'm having trouble getting a DELETE https call working. (The POST and GET versions work fine.)

    I think maybe the issue might be something with how it handles params (included in the URL).

    All of the other API calls allow you to pass a 'query' object example:

    var postResult = httpClientProxy.getResponseText(serviceCode, path, query, headers);
    if (postResult.status == 200) {
    // Success!

    There doesn't seem to be an option to do this with the DELETE versions of the API? I've tried passing them in the 'path' variable, but that doesn't seem to work.

    Is there a version of DELETE that takes 'query' params??

  • bitHeads

    Hi Kenneth, our current HTTP Client service doesn't support DELETE with query args yet, we probably add a new DELETE method that takes this parameter in our next release.

  • Delete call update and everything is working now. Thanks!

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