Unity AddressableAssets

  • Hi,

    Is is possible to use the brainCloud file storage and CDN system to deliver asset bundles to the new AddressableAssets subsystem in Unity?


  • So, I guess nobody has an answer to this? Or is this the sort of response that is typical on these forums?

  • brainCloud

    Apologies Paul - I guess we missed this question. I'll forward it onto the Unity devs...

    (I know that you can definitely use our file storage and CDN to deliver unity assets. But I'm not familiar with the new AddressableAssets subsystem).

    For what it's worth, definitely feel free to hit the Green Chat widget on portal or these forums to escalate directly to support.

  • brainCloud

    Follow-up on this...

    My guys have looked into it, and the way we version our global files isn't compatible with this new feature from Unity. Apologies!

    (PS - No plans yet for when/if we'll support it. Certainly tons of folks use an external CDN with brainCloud apps though - so the option is still there for you!)

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