Group system with larger than 50 limit

  • We are working on an app that will allow people to join different membership groups. We thought about using the group system, however there is currently a 50 member limit from what we can see.

    Is there any other option we may be overlooking that would allow us to have a smaller number of groups, but a larger member count?

    We'll need to be able to query the members and pull data from their entities that we can display to an admin, but we don't want the admin accounts for each membership to pull members that don't belong to their group. We also figured the group system may work as we can page the queries. It's possible some memberships may have several hundred members.

    Thank you for any assistance.

  • brainCloud

    Hi Chris,

    The maximum # of group members is controllable by our support team.

    Just send a request to our support team, indicating the name and appId of the app, and what you'd like the max to be and why. (A short description of your use cases would be helpful - since we just need to review to see if we think there would be any performance gotchas).

    We'll do a quick review and hopefully approve!



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