Online state when viewing user

  • For support purposes, it would be very useful to see when viewing a user in the explorer whether they are online or not.

  • brainCloud

    Hmm, I'm guessing that this is so that you as a developer have a warning that you may be mucking with an online user's data?

    Sadly, unless the user is using RTT, the system doesn't deterministically know that a user is still online.

    We do however know when the user last logged in - and that is shown on the User Summary page here (see capture).

    You can further get an idea if a user is still online via the User Monitoring | Logs page...

    Might be interesting to see if we could query the last session for the time of the last received request... though we'd need to somehow differentiate a real session from an API Explorer session... Hmm, some food for thought.


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