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    Hi Nguyen,

    brainCloud makes use of both Memcached and Redis as part of it's architecture - but we do not directly expose these in our APIs.

    What was your use case?


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    Diving into our new game and found a work-around ~ use private viewing. I have our reference game open in a private window, and the new project in the main one.

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    We should point out that this doesn't mean that there aren't Unreal multiplayer examples in brainCloud - they just don't use the online subsystem paradigm per se.

    Here's our latest Unreal dedicated server example: https://github.com/getbraincloud/braincloud-roomserver-unreal

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    There is a global list of reason codes here - https://docs.braincloudservers.com/api/appendix/reasonCodes

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    brainCloud developers have just release several playable builds of our famous examples! See our cool features in action. Find them at https://getbraincloud.com/demos for Windows, Mac, online and mobile.

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