@David-St-Louis-0 @Paul-Winterhalder Hi again. I would like to debug my server locally, in Unity. I have the _S2S stuff all hooked up as described in the walk through. But then I tried to do the following (actual numbers redacted) #if UNITY_EDITOR var appId = "00000"; var serverName = "MyServerName"; var secret = "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"; _lobbyId = "00000:myLobbyTypeId:00"; #else // Load environment variables passed in by brainCloud to our container var appId = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("APP_ID"); var serverName = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("SERVER_NAME"); var secret = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("SERVER_SECRET"); _lobbyId = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("LOBBY_ID"); #endif However, I am getting a perpetual error: #S2S S2S Failed: {"packetId":1,"messageResponses":[{"reason_code":40613,"status_message":"Processing exception: Unrecognized lobby: 00000:myLobbyTypeId:00","status":400}]} I even signed up for a Dev+ subscription, just in case that was the problem, per this thread. No luck. How can I test my server code locally, while still planning for the full-on S2S Docker container deployment? Thanks