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    Hi Paul,

    Yes this answers my question. I guess since the percentage is based on the number of players, I could query the number by checking how many entries there are in a given division leaderboard?

    In any case I'll stick to absolute ranks for now as you suggest. I was looking into percentages to future-proof our client API.

    Thank you for the quick help!

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    (Post the answer from brainCloud chat channel)

    Actually, there is a workaround that you can perform the tournament rewards adjustments,

    Turn off the auto claim Add a post-hook to Authenticate instead <- where auto-claim would normally run And in the post-hook look to see if they have tournament rewards, and if they do, claim them there - performing any award adjustments that need to be made.
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    Using a Pre-Hook, to the Post Score Cloud Code Script, to validate incoming data. Doing the actual JoinTournament / PostTournament Score via Cloud Code Script, once again verifying data. Lastly, validating the results of the Cloud Code Script via Post-Hook, allows developer's to confirm that the incoming data results in the expected outgoing data.

    If at any point validation fails, tag the user as a Cheater! If users are going through enough trouble to try and cheat, they must enjoy the apps experience. Instead of blocking the Cheater from using the app, ensure all Cheaters are playing against each other, via a Cheater leaderboards or any other means. This way the apps experience to Cheaters is unchanged, and only cheating against cheaters, but most importantly the rest of the user base does not get negatively impacted via a few rare users.

    Any other ideas? Interesting Applications for Cheaters?