Tournament Questions

  • I am planning on using weekly rotating leaderboards in conjunction with weekly tournaments to increase engagement in my game.

    I noticed there is a "auto-claim" option for tournaments in the portal. Is it possible to hook into this behavior to modify tournament rewards? My game has a "coin bonus" IAP that multiplies earned VC, and I would like to apply it to my tournament rewards.

    Alternatively, if it is not possible to hook into the auto claim feature, and I must claim tournament rewards manually, I plan to do so via cloud code. I noticed that the claimTournamentReward API takes a version, but the description of the api states "Processes any outstanding rewards for the player." If a user has an outstanding reward(s) for some tournament(s) some number of weeks ago, can I pass -1 to this version to award an aggregated reward, or must I manually get all the versions of each outstanding tournament the user has rewards for and manually claim each one individually?


  • bitHeads

    (Post the answer from brainCloud chat channel)

    Actually, there is a workaround that you can perform the tournament rewards adjustments,

    • Turn off the auto claim
    • Add a post-hook to Authenticate instead <- where auto-claim would normally run
    • And in the post-hook look to see if they have tournament rewards, and if they do, claim them there - performing any award adjustments that need to be made.