brainCloud 4.5.5 release on Tuesday July 14th...

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    Hi folks,

    The 4.5.5 release is feature-complete and set to be deployed on Tuesday, July 14th.

    Important notes:

    • The upgrade will happen between the hours of 8am - noon Eastern Time
    • During this time the Design Portal will be disabled. Apologies for the inconvenience!
    • All API Services will continue to be available throughout the upgrade
    • You can subscribe to service status notifications here -

    A quick summary of 4.5.5 features:

    • Amazon In-app Purchases
    • Global Files V3 Portal & Deployment Support
    • Slack Alerts!
    • Custom Entity Singleton API
    • Auto-Delete Dormant Users
    • Leaderboard Deployment Options
    • Custom Entity Deletion Queries
    • Product & Promotion Management APIs
    • Segment, Currency and Notification Queries
    • RTT reliability improvements
    • Relay Server client library improvements (especially in the Java libs)
    • Improved Room & Relay Server launches
    • Misc. fixes and performance enhancements

    You will find the full details in the 4.5.5 release notes:

    Feedback welcome!


  • brainCloud

    And 4.5.5 is live!

    Let us now if you have feedback!


  • Amazing, especially Amazon In-Apps support