Anybody tried the new Slack integration?

  • brainCloud

    Hi folks,

    In case you didn't realize it - brainCloud 4.5.5 adds Slack Alerts (beta) to brainCloud - this allows you to connect your app to your Slack instance, and brainCloud will automatically send you alerts across a bunch of categories, including:

    • hosting - alerts as servers spin up/down - can be useful for debugging room/relay servers
    • purchases - see a notification for each customer purchase! (fun!)
    • chat - we post the profane messages (as detected by the configured profanity filter) to create one foul-mouthed channel!
    • usage - we output a daily report of you app's api usage
    • integration - we let you know if your push notification certificates have expired, or are about to expire - etc...


    Note - not all categories are fully populated with messages. We'll be adding more and more over time.

    Anyway, give 'er a go and let us know what you think!