So - our forums are up! What do you think?

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    It's been a while - but we've finally added a proper forum for the brainCloud development community.

    We don't do this lightly. Although we're a small team - focused, direct support is important to us - which is why our direct chat forums have been in place since day 1 of brainCloud's launch.

    That said, especially in the past six months or so, the call for community forums has become deafening - and as our community of developers is rapidly growing, we're realizing that enabling the community to help support itself (in addition to our crack support team) has its appeal! (We're Canadian, not dumb!)

    After a long search, we decided upon NodeBB for our forum software solution. The software is modern, nimble, and fast - with a clean look-and-feel. We were also able to integrate it with our Portal logins - so you don't need two accounts to participate (that was important to us). As a bonus, NodeBB is also built in Canada! (We honestly didn't realize that until just a few days ago!)

    Now that we've got our forums in place, we're hoping that you all will visit often and contribute! It's too clean and tidy now - come on in and mess it up!

    Feedback welcome!



  • Looks great, and the single login is even better.
    Thanks for adding this. You guys are awesome!

  • brainCloud

    We're glad you like them!


  • I like the new forums. It was something I always felt was lacking and with the quick response time, they have already proven to be very useful. Hopefully this helps connect developers using brainCloud together as well as with the brainCloud team.

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