brainCloud 4.6 is now live!

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    Hi folks,

    brainCloud 4.6 is now live!

    The biggest change is that we've upgraded our MongoDB abstraction layers to be compatible with MongoDB 4.X going forward. All without affecting the brainCloud APIs that our customers use.

    In addition, there are a few cool new features including:

    • Script API Usage Stats - makes it easier to understand the performance and cost implications of your scripts
    • SAML End-user authentication - for those writing apps that require SAML authentication
    • Random Custom Entities API - great for those writing custom selection or matchmaking services
    • API Keys System - a foundational component for our new Builder APIs, coming soon

    In addition, there are mucho improvements to the client libraries including:

    • Greatly improved RTT connection handling
    • Removed tons of previously deprecated methods (so the client libs are now cleaner and leaner!)

    For all the details, see the release notes here -

    Feedback welcome!

    (PS - Also a reminder, anyone moving to the 4.6 libs (from libs earlier than 4.5.6)- if you are using Relay Servers, be sure to upgrade your relay servers as well - instructions in the 4.5.6 release notes - )