Bomber RTT connection Error

  • hi guys
    i wrote issue in github and also report here .i get error in connection in bomber rtt project .
    alt text

    Tested in "pc to pc" and "pc to other pc".also try from editor and windows stand alone app.
    the error says "Unrecognized lobby" and i dont know why.☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹
    this is the console shot of this issue .
    alt text

  • brainCloud

    Hi - it looks like maybe your app doesn't have a lobby type of "4x4_can" defined under Design | Multiplayer | Lobbies.

    Click on the Green Chat bubble and send us your appId and we'll take a further look.



  • brainCloud

    Hey Hamzeh!

    App 12604 does not have an App Plan that supports Relay Service. You will need to update the app to the DEVELOPMENT PLUS plan in order to have use of the Relay Service.

    DEVELOPMENT PLUS - $5 /month + usage
    All features, including hosting. Maximum 200 daily active users and 2000 accounts total.

    An error within the Apps Recent Errors list (Hosting access not enabled in billing plan).

    Please update the app and try again with the updated Billing Plan associated to the app, for access to more features while in Development.

  • @Paul-Winterhalder
    tanks dude . i used bombersRTT template. all configuration is healthy 🙂

  • @Steve-Jones
    thanks dear Steve jobs (oops!) Jones .
    i found this after one day challenge with bomberRTT sample !
    i think its better to say somewhere this important note that " developer plan" needed to lunch RTT games.

    p.n: i build this project in platforms pc / webgl / android in unity2019.1.5 pro.
    Android version not worked in my android phone (android9 os). something wrong that cause app install but not available to play!