brainCloud 4.1 is officially released!

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    Hi folks,

    The 4.1 servers have been updated - and the updated client libs are <mostly> available now as well!

    New features in 4.1 include:

    • Multi-region hosted servers (for Relay and Room Servers)
    • Group Leaderboards
    • Voting Leaderboards
    • Group Enhancements
    • Dynamic Chat Channels

    Updated clients:

    • Unity <-- remember - avoid Unity 2019 for now!
    • Unreal (now with beta Relay Server support!)
    • Javascript
    • CPP
    • AS3

    (And updated Java, Objective-C and Cocoapods should be deployed in the next few hours)

    Note - there are definitely some good improvements in these 4.1 libraries (especially in Unity and Unreal). It is highly recommended that you upgrade to the latest!

    Full details in the Release Notes.

    Happy Coding!


  • @Paul-Winterhalder said in brainCloud 4.1 is officially released!:

    • Group Enhancements

    Loving the summary data for groups. Made my life easier. Thank you, you guys rock!


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