brainCloud 4.3 is here!

  • brainCloud

    Hi folks,

    As most of you probably already know, we released brainCloud 4.3 last week.

    New features in this release include:

    • Geo Matchmaking - automatically match users to the closest servers
    • Custom Entity Migration - export/import of custom entities is built into our Deployment service
    • Set-top Hand-off API - need an easy was for user to log into an set-top box of VR headset? We've got you covered
    • User Service - building an app with an admin component that needs to be able to page through your users? brainCloud now supports this...

    And a bunch of other community requests, including:

    • User Items Screen
    • Dynamic Group Leaderboards
    • Autojoin across multiple group types
    • Reset quests API
    • Bundle Compression
    • OKTA authentication support

    Plus our web + ui folks freshened up the look-and-feel as bit as well!

    Check out the Release Notes for all the details.

    Happy Coding - and let us know what you think!