SOLVED Method to access "other user" items

  • Hello,

    Is there a way to access the items another user has in his inventory?
    We are looking for something similar to but for another user.

  • brainCloud

    Hi Claudiu,

    It's possible to do this using cloud script... you just need to impersonate the other user...

    Here's an example script that does this - caveat, it only returns the first page of user items.

    Create the script, and set it's test parameters to:

      "profileId": "www-xxx-yyy-zzzz-123456"

    (Note - you'll of course want to replace profileId with an id of a user that you want to test with.)

    And here's the code...

    var response = {};
    // We need to impersonate another user to make this call
    var otherSession = bridge.getSessionForProfile( data.profileId );
    var otherUserItemsProxy = bridge.getUserItemsServiceProxy( otherSession );
    // Now, request the page of items from that proxy
    var context = {
      "pagination": {
        "rowsPerPage": 50,
        "pageNumber": 1
      "searchCriteria": {},
      "sortCriteria": {
        "createdAt": 1
    var includeDef = true;
    var itemResult = otherUserItemsProxy.getUserItemsPage( context, includeDef );
    if (( itemResult.status == 200) && ( > 0 )) {
        response.items =;
    } else {
        response.items = [];

    For convenience I've attached an export of the script. You can import this script into your app from the Design | Cloud Code | Scripts screen.

    Hope that helps!



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