brainCloud 4.4 is here!

  • brainCloud

    Hi folks,

    We are pleased to announce that brainCloud 4.4 is live.

    In this release you'll find:

    • Sign in with Apple support
    • Google OpenID support
    • Custom Entity improvements - including Global / User Editors, Import/Export, etc.
    • Cloud Code ES6 Support
    • Much Faster API Reference !!!

    Plus some key customer requests:

    • Ability to exclude Item Catalog for Deployment Pushes
    • Ability to manually reset non-rotating leaderboards
    • Ability to create SHA256 with RSA signatures
    • And more!

    You'll find the full details in the release notes.

    Be sure to pick up our latest Client Libs to take advantage of the latest APIs, fixes and performance improvements.

    Let us know what you think! Feedback is good! Which feature(s) of 4.4 do you like best? What do you want next?

    We'll be updating the Roadmap in the next week - so now is a great time to sound off on what features you'd like added to brainCloud next!


  • Thanks for 4.4 Release, especially support for ES6
    Also cant wait for 4.5 with shared script.

  • @Ali-Raza I am looking forward to this as well. Rhino has supported require for quite awhile and it is surprising how long it has taken BC to catch up. Do we have an ETA on build 4.5?

  • @Chris-Brooks BC seemingly making regular update so my own rough estimate is within 2-3 months. But lets see what official team says about launch.

  • brainCloud

    Hi guys,

    The plan is to release 4.5 in April.



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