brainCloud 4.5 is coming soon!

  • brainCloud

    Hi folks,

    A new release of brainCloud is set to drop either tomorrow or Monday... (a few last-minute issues showed up unexpectedly last night - we're still assessing the impact).

    Features/improvements in 4.5 include:

    • Shard cloud code scripts (beta)
    • Global Files V3 API (beta)
    • Custom Entities Official Release + JSON Templates()
    • Improved Room Server Support for Unity & Unreal
    • and more!

    Full release notes here:

    Note that this release also includes the addition of "deep data" usage pricing to brainCloud.

    As always, we aim to keep the pricing low, elastic, and apply it only to those devs using the affected features (which in this case or Custom Entities, Chat and Messaging). There's a new article describing deep data usage here -

    As always - feedback is welcome. Thanks a bunch for choosing brainCloud!