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    @Paul-Winterhalder I will send a video to you, as it contains some private user data for the example, thanks!

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    Diving into our new game and found a work-around ~ use private viewing. I have our reference game open in a private window, and the new project in the main one.

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    brainCloud supports a wide range of popular in-app purchases, including Google Play, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Steam, etc.. In most cases, the purchase process is initiated through the corresponding IAP plugin that you need to download into your Unity project. Then, verify the receipt received from the purchase outcome with brainCloud by calling VerifyPurchase API. It should be noted that the necessary configuration for the IAP store must be set up in the brainCloud portal for your app, including the products section and platforms section. Some store integration examples are available on our documentation website -- https://docs.braincloudservers.com/learn/portal-tutorials/store-integration-google/
    Hope this helps!

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    Just popping in to clarify @Paul-Winterhalder 's comment about catching the ROOM_ASSIGNED event...

    That's actually not the event that should be listened for. That event is only sent if the lobby type has been configured with an associated server type and we've made a request to launch a server instance.

    If no server type has been associated with the lobby type, the developer should listen and react to the STARTING event. That will be the event sent out just prior to the lobby being disbanded (assuming "Disband on start" has been selected).

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    brainCloud developers have just release several playable builds of our famous examples! See our cool features in action. Find them at https://getbraincloud.com/demos for Windows, Mac, online and mobile.

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