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    The latest brainCloud C# client library update (5.1.1) includes several fixes and improvements for Godot.

    These fixes include:

    Fix for .Net 8 issue with the JsonFX JsonWriter Improved saving and loading by the brainCloudWrapper Removed the duplicate symbol issue when adding the brainCloud lib to a Godot project Cleaned up client warnings

    The 5.1.1 release can be found here:

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    if detect refund than ban automatically with few condition matched(Size or number of refunds)
    Nxx Gamebxxx has this function

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    That is true - implementation of the brainCloud OnlineSubsystem has not been completed or worked on lately. Refining our support of this is definitely in "todo" list. As is a Lyra example.

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    Hi Alessio,

    I have a suggestion.

    Why not create a global chat channel called "lobbyListeners".

    Then - when a user is viewing the lobbies - have them connect to and listen to the lobbyListeners channel.

    Then you don't need to maintain a global entity at all. Whenever you create a lobby or delete it - send an event to lobbyListeners - and it will automatically send it to everyone who has registered for the channel.

    Would that work? (or is there a part of your use case that I am missing?)


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    If you haven't found them yet - our new brainCloud BootCamp videos can be found at:


    There are currently two courses:

    Unity BootCamp Unreal BootCamp

    each with over 30 videos of tutorial content.

    The courses are completely free - so be sure to check them out - and let us know what you think!


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