Increase GetMultiSocialLeaderboard limit to 100

  • Hi there,

    GetMultiSocialLeaderboard call only return maximum 10 enteries from social leaderboard which is not enough. If we enter more we get following error

        "status_message": "Processing exception (message): Leaderboard result size must be between 1 and 10",

    So please either increase the value to 100 or provide an alternative api that return these many items which is a standard in social games these days.


  • brainCloud

    Hi Ali,

    First of all - sorry for the slow response. I somehow missed this message.

    The MultiSocialLeaderboard call is normally used to create Candy Crush-style maps - where you would normally show just the top player on each node of a map.

    It's otherwise a pretty expensive call (as we're filtering/joining your friends list with multiple leaderboard lists) - so thus we restrict things to keep things fast and server utilization reasonable.

    Do you have a use case that requires the larger leaderboard sizes - or maybe you were mistaking the intention of this call with another?

    Anyway, hope that perspective helps!



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